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Supercharge Your Life – With Suzan Peltekian

May 30, 2023 Stories and Strategies Season 2 Episode 28
Realty Life
Supercharge Your Life – With Suzan Peltekian
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Suzan knew early in her life she had a calling; she just didn’t believe in herself. She loved Oprah and Tony Robbins, but she was just Suzan. 

JUST Suzan. 

That was the epiphany. By changing her mindset, she could become her full self and in so doing, help others come to the same realization about themselves. 

Be all they could be. 

Live lives by design, not default.

Today Suzan works with peak performers in real estate and other industries to change their mindset and kick start a journey to self belief.


Guest: Suzan Peltekian



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Suzan Peltekian (00:01):

They were all great, but it was once a week or every two weeks. And I'm like, well, we're working on our mental programming here. There's an untapped version of us. More than 95% to 98% is coming from the subconscious. And just like going to the gym, I wouldn't go once a week or once a month or once every two weeks. I would go every day, five, six days a week. So I thought, well, why don't I create a mind gym?

Ken McLachlan (00:35):

Hi everybody, it's Ken McLachlan. I'm so excited to be with you all today. It's my podcast Realty Life, and I get the greatest job I get to have the greatest job in the world is or is to talk to people that are so incredible and talk to me about their journey, to share their journey and to understand the techniques they use to get through their journey of life, the stuff that goes around in your head. And we all have that. And listen, it's all stuff that we have going on. And today I have an amazing person. I have Suzan Peltekian. Suzan, welcome.

Suzan Peltekian (01:14):

Thank you so much, Ken. I'm so happy, thrilled, and excited to be here with you. How are you? You doing

Ken McLachlan (01:19):

So? I'm wonderful. The first time I met you was through my son Michael, right? Yes. And he connected me with you and he told me about, he says, he calls me Ken at work. He says, Ken, I mean when he called me dad at this time, but he says there's this wonderful woman that is doing a lot of great work with people. We should talk to her. And she has this program she's doing that helps people get through their things in their life and all that. And it's been very effective. So I phoned you and we had a nice conversation. So tell me about what's, how long you been in Toronto? You're from Toronto?

Suzan Peltekian (01:56):

I'm grew up here mostly, yes. And this, first of all, I want to acknowledge a magical Michael. And I mean, the difference you guys have made for me is beyond outstanding. I love, love your podcast. You're such a natural making such a massive difference for all of us. Wow. Thank you, Ken. I love not only your podcast, what you stand for, Ken, and what all of Hallmark stands for. This has been my divine purpose ever since I was, yeah. So

Ken McLachlan (02:25):

How, no, how did you do it? I mean, how do you get to, so let me tell you how to everybody what you do. Yeah. You have a company called supercharge supercharged

Suzan Peltekian (02:34):

With Suzan? Yes.

Ken McLachlan (02:35):

With Yes. So what you do is you help people daily on calls five days a week in a group setting, six, 10, whatever. I don't know the numbers, but you get to where you talk more about that later on, but you connect with people every day by coaching them and helping them get through this stuff that we're going to be talking about today. And it's something that, but how did you invent that? Where did that come from? What you just said? What did you, do you a real estate agent before or what?

Suzan Peltekian (03:01):

Yes, yes. That's a great question. So I was a real estate agent before, and I made one powerful decision that I would pursue my divine purpose in childhood dream. And through that, I happened to have the magic of attracting you or being attracted towards you. And the rest is history, as you know. And the way I decided to do them daily is because I had been with multiple exceptional coaches. It was years of doing the inner work and professional and personal development. Ken and I didn't see that was anything for daily work. And they were all great, but it was once a week or every two weeks. And I'm like, well, we're working on our mental programming here. There's an untapped version of us. More than 95% to 98% is coming from the subconscious and just going to the gym. I wouldn't go once a week or once a month or once every two weeks. I would go every day, five, six days a week. So I thought, well, why don't I create a mind gym out of it? And that's where supercharge was born.

Ken McLachlan (04:08):

So a mind gym. Yes. So what did you do before real estate?

Suzan Peltekian (04:15):

My goodness. A, any and every job you can think of. And that's really my story. I've been, so yes, you haven't heard this? I was fresh out of U of T. I was a flight attendant. I have been a debt collector. I have been a teacher of English as a second language in my twenties at Seneca College to adults at new immigration centres. I'd been a teacher of English as a second language, I'd been a mortgage broker. I got the actual license from Seneca College. It was the last year before, never did a deal because that's never what I wanted because I had a knowing that this is all I wanted, I'd also been a mortgage underwriter at first line back in the day. So

Ken McLachlan (04:59):

I didn't know any of this about how did you get into real estate? How did that path get evolve?

Suzan Peltekian (05:04):

That one was more family influence, if you will. My sisters were realtors and my dad invited me to be a realtor when I finished university. And I said, no way. And then of course it took, I did a few detours in my path until I got to where I am. And I'm so grateful for it now.

Ken McLachlan (05:25):

And it's all learning. And then we develop because of the things that were put in front of us. And we're going to talk a little bit about that in a minute. Yes. But you mentioned just a second ago about your childhood dream was to do what you're doing now. So define what that, how did you get that childhood dream? Where did that come from?

Suzan Peltekian (05:42):

That's such a great question. I've been thinking of that my entire life. And if I were completely authentic, Ken and I will be fully for the purpose of what we do here in my life in general. I haven't had much of a knowing about much. If I were very authentic with you, I've had this deep knowing that this is what I will be doing. Of course, I never knew in what capacity or how growing up, I looked up at Oprah Winfrey and then I looked up at Tony Robbins and I wanted to be them so badly. And then I started saying, well, I'm not them. I'm not them. And diminishing Suzan. And I then started saying, I'm just Suzan. And it wasn't until I dropped the just part that I said, I'm Susan and I am. Yes. Yeah. That's when everything just literally opened up for me and I made one decision. And from there, Michael, Ken, Hallmark and the exceptional life that I get to create by serving our people.

Ken McLachlan (06:42):

So what inspires you?

Suzan Peltekian (06:45):

Oh my God, so many things here. Sharing you, our people, like my peak performers, the work they do, their generational pattern breakers can and growth evolution, our mankind, the possibilities, the infinite possibilities, life and overcoming our challenges, knowing that most of life is mindset. And doing that inner work, doing the daily practice of the mindset to actually create by design versus by default, which is what I stand for. My entire vision is to create a world that works for everyone. And it's by creating your vision, every individual's, every precious soul's vision, one beautiful soul at a time. And that inspires me to be the best version of Susan so that I can then affect

Ken McLachlan (07:38):

That. Yeah, be a model to be somebody else. So tell me what sticks in your way.

Suzan Peltekian (07:43):

Oh my goodness. The one thing would be mindset.

Ken McLachlan (07:47):

So how does that happen? What happens for you when things get in your way?

Suzan Peltekian (07:51):

So less so now, and Michael had asked me a great question. He goes, are you always like this? I said, Michael, to be very honest, the things and no exaggeration can that took me years now can take milliseconds. And that's the practice. It's really practice and everything I get to teach and share and collaborate with my precious souls, my precious peak performers is everything that I had to overcome. I had the knowing, as I said, but I never had the belief in self. Ken. And I never openly shared that. No trust in Susan, no belief. And now I have complete utter blind faith blind. That's what gets me through, is to know that if you drop me in the middle of the desert with no computer, no internet, I got it because of the power of my mind.

Ken McLachlan (08:39):

So let me be devil's advocate.

Suzan Peltekian (08:41):


Ken McLachlan (08:42):

So you and I both know that many of us have that belief system. We do. And it's something that we buy into. It's something that we aspire to and stuff that goes with that. But the frustration, and I'd like to hear your comment on this, is that we know what we should be doing. We know what gets in our way, but we don't do it. And how do you deal with that? I mean, I'm sure that you are confronted with that always, that this is in front of you. I was talking to a friend this morning and basically, why doesn't this person do X, Y, Z? And because we we're, we're have these roadblocks in our life. So do you experience that with people or

Suzan Peltekian (09:28):

What a great question. Absolutely. That's I think the human condition. Thank you, Ken. So on one end, my belief is that as human beings in our flesh, we're taken out by nothing. Just look at me a certain way and I may get mad right prior to the work. And then on the flip end, my belief is that you are, this universe is God's highest form of creation. You're a limitless soul that is in this body for a brief moment, if you will, to have these experiences. So because of our conditioning, which is what we work on, that's why we're here daily. It's the programming we've, we've been programmed. And our work is to unlearn all of those bankrupt ways of being. And I had most of them. So it is, of course, I experience it in that, whether it's a new agent that's joining that sold no homes, or ones that have sold in the billion dollars, and I coach both and people in between it, they're all dealing with the same thing.


Our humanity is never going away. So I share with my peak performers openly and authentically can, and this is such a brilliant question, thank you that my paradigm, my mental programming doesn't want to do much. I want to eat, drink, party just like the other person. And when I'm aware, because awareness is key, and it's the only distinguishing factor between each one of us is when I'm aware that I'm a limitless soul, well guess it's my duty. Now it's my responsibility and it's my obligation to become the best version of myself. And that's what I teach and preach and practice and live by. And I'm confronted by because I also have a human side, as you know,

Ken McLachlan (11:02):

Right? Well, we do. We all do. And getting through that is the mindset of what are these things that we create in our heads and what stops us from being everything we want to be in life? And that to me is people ask me about my business and I tell them, I'm not really that talented with real estate. I'm incredibly talented with dealing with the stuff that gets in my way in my head and the roadblocks I create. So I'm really good at getting through that. And I believe, and you are the coach that does this, the mindset coach that helps people deal with their roadblocks. They get in their way to be everything we want to be. Listen, I can teach people how to be a good realtor. I can't teach people how to be engaged and confronting and better in their life. They have to have that innate thing. They have to have a coach to do that. So the passion around that stuff is really critically important. What you do is you help people discover what's getting in their way. And I've seen it, I've talked to people that have taken your classes and been with you all these years, and the difference you've made has been incredible with it. So I think this is a very value added thing. So I want you to actually start now by telling us a bit about your day. My day. Tell us about what your day's like. So

Suzan Peltekian (12:17):

My day, I used to give our precious viewers, hello everyone. A view of when I used to wake up was noon. And now Really? Yes. Okay. I mean, I had not zero, if I were really honest, I had minus disciplines or I had the disciplines working against me, if you will. I had it, everything. I teach almost everything I teach. I used to do the opposite. That's why I'm so, I'm so happy and blessed to be doing this. So now I jump out of bed at 4:00 AM and it's my miracle morning time. It's time for me to connect, to go inwards. I believe every human being is beyond limitless. And they, they're, if you're earning trillions, you can earn way more and nothing to do with the earning. The earning is a byproduct of who we're being. You're limitless beyond words and measure. And I believe everyone is magical. So I get up to actually pour into me so that from there I can pour into my precious peak performers because our calls start very early in the morning at seven 30. So that's when I have,

Ken McLachlan (13:20):

Okay, so wait, let me do something here. Yeah, so you, you're up at 4:00 AM and you spend the time to pour into you. Yes. Tell us what that means.

Suzan Peltekian (13:28):

Yes. That's my miracle morning rituals that I highly invite all our listeners to start their date with a version of theirs. Mine has meditation, quiet time. I go inward. That's key movement. I think the body's made to move. So that's very, very, very important. Affirmations, reviewing our goals, men as well as women, our goal-oriented mechanisms. So I work on basically everything I create, I believe we're powerful creators and manifesters constantly creating and manifesting our work is to create by design versus by default. So I create, through the vision that I have, my vision is to touch the billions. So I get present to that so that I'm making all of my decisions and all of my service that day, my contribution, my value to my people, and any complete strangers that I meet on a walk on my way or at the grocery shop is coming from that vision. So I'm not repeating the past and the rewiring isn't happening from the past. I'm creating, I've created the compelling vision and I'm present to that first thing in the morning. Does that make sense?

Ken McLachlan (14:38):

That's every morning? Yeah, it does. Yes. Completely. Yes. That's every morning?

Suzan Peltekian (14:43):

That's every day. And I say this to my peak performers ad nauseum every day. That ends with the day, Ken. So I say, if you brush your teeth on the weekends, then if you eat on the weekends, if you want to go out and have fun on the weekends, then yes,

Ken McLachlan (14:56):

Absolutely. Yeah. So the discipline and the pattern is critically important to have that. And you start your day by spending time with you. Yes. And working on with and about you and getting that strength, that foundation growing. So you have that. That's your beginning of your day, the discipline around that. So what happens then after that,

Suzan Peltekian (15:18):

Then after that. So if it's a day, there's alternating days. If it's a cardio day or it's a trainer day, I've had a trainer for a couple of decades, I really believe as you, I'm a coach, so I believe in investing, and then it's, they say the power of the cold shower. There's one of those. And then I am just ready after breakfast to supercharge the world, supercharge my people, and really make an impact.

Ken McLachlan (15:43):

When's that start? When are your classes, are your courses?

Suzan Peltekian (15:46):

Seven 30 in the morning is the earliest. That's called the Billionaires Club. It's in my vision that it will be the Trillionaires Club one day soon. Yeah. They are the precious souls that started with me, Ken, most of them when I wasn't charging yet. I wasn't supercharged yet. I remember. So we're going on to our sixth year to, some of them are in their sixth years, some fifth and less. Right. And that's when it starts. And then it's back to back with other precious souls that have been here 2, 3, 4, or plus years as well.

Ken McLachlan (16:16):

So you have, that starts at seven 30 and you have different groups and they're, how long are they these sessions? They're

Suzan Peltekian (16:24):

25 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the call. Okay. Yes.

Ken McLachlan (16:27):

Okay. So your morning is spent doing that and it's it yes. Typically starts, stops after the morning. So I want to get back to that. I want to get back to some of the sessions. But yes, after you're finished, let's call it noon, whatever the time is. Yes. What's your day after that?

Suzan Peltekian (16:43):

So no two days are alike. I love that question. No two days are alike. There will be, the first Toronto event is coming soon, so there's more of that. There are marketing meetings, there are content creation. I want to be putting more and more of supercharge out there, and I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. My first podcast, by the way.

Ken McLachlan (17:07):

Oh, this is, wow. You're doing very well.

Suzan Peltekian (17:09):

Likewise. We think. Thank you so much, Ken. Yeah. So it's really, the vision is to expand as, so it would be more things that put supercharge out there so that I can actually create the impact that I'm here to create.

Ken McLachlan (17:25):

So you're working and you're, after your work is done with your programs, you are spending time growing your business?

Suzan Peltekian (17:32):

Growing my business, correct. Impacting my people. For example, right now we're doing Magical May, and it's still April of the recording. So we started, it's an extra accountability that I took on to do individually. We're picking one behavioral pattern that each peak performer wants to work on in my groups, and it's custom made. And I'm checking in with them, listen to this kid. I've never done this before. Every day that ends with a day. So we'll have the holiday long weekend because usually I unplug on weekends and evenings and holidays. I will be in touch with them every day because I'm custom made a special accountability to ensure that we work on one behaviour in the next month. And we started Monday, so I gave them a head start to start. So I'll do extra stuff like that with my peak performers as well. Anything,

Ken McLachlan (18:21):

Well, what's that behaviour? What's an example of a behavior,

Suzan Peltekian (18:23):

A bankrupt way of being? Could be maybe not doing any of the stuff that they gave their word to. It could be something like, yeah, someone said that they will, for example, emotionalize their vision daily and they don't. So they take that on or once said that they would emotionalize their goals and they didn't once that they would stop drinking as much.

Ken McLachlan (18:48):

So you beat your,

Suzan Peltekian (18:49):

Or drinking or going out, or they want to go to the gym. So I've actually matched them. One young lady wants to close all of her circles on the Apple Fitness Watch. So I said, I'll match you just so that I could rah rah them up further. So it's things like that. And this particular time I invited them to work on the one behavior that would be the biggest game changing thing for them. That from there, we know that habits come in, doubles, triples, quadruplets. It's like, let's pick up the one that will be the biggest game changer to propel your, to best 2023 and beyond. That's

Ken McLachlan (19:25):

Brilliant. Brilliant. Thank you. And your groups. Thank you. Your groups are, they vary in size from what?

Suzan Peltekian (19:32):

So normally, and there will be less of these groups. These have become the exclusive groups. Ken, the way they were previously were maximum six. Now we have the new Miracle Masterclass that couldn't have a bigger number of people in there. It's they will get me as their coach, but with bigger number of peak performers. And we're doing the same coaching. And then there will be other programs that we will be introducing after the 21 day masterclass soon. So it, it'll depend. Each group is different.

Ken McLachlan (20:05):

It's amazing, isn't it? Listen, are you blessed

Suzan Peltekian (20:08):

Beyond words and beyond measure can, yeah.

Ken McLachlan (20:11):

Yeah. Thank you. It is really incredible to see six years to watch you, the growth you've had and the difference you're making in so many people's lives. And it really is quite incredible. And I think you hit on a couple things in this conversation so far and the discipline that you have in your life that you do, and you have a lot of passion and you have a lot of fun and all that stuff. I know that. But the discipline that you have, you're capable of really living it yourself, not just telling people about it. You're actually living what you're talking and coaching about.

Suzan Peltekian (20:46):

I think that's the key, Ken. It's so easy for anyone these days to go on social media and I could just say, I'm a coach, right? Versus embodying the work. And I think I'm so grateful we can only Steve Jobs says connect the dots looking backwards. I never understood when I had this deep desire to be this from childhood, why it took so long. And then now I'm so grateful because I had to stumble up upon my own path. And that is what allows me to actually have the deepest compassion for my people and to understand where they're at and to know that it's paradigms, it's mental programming. And our entire work is to unlearn all of that, to brainwash the subconscious. And then if let's say subconsciously we have paradigms that don't work for us, we have extreme bankrupt ways of being, which I had multiples, I was going to say infinite. I don't want to exaggerate. When we put the opposite in the subconscious and now we're running on autopilot, and that becomes our life, because life I believe is extremely difficult and a drag for most until they do the inner work, then it truly is magic miracles. It sounds like I'm a unicorn saying this, and I want to be very authentic to people to say, yeah, it took a lot of inner work, but what's the alternative? There's a journey.

Ken McLachlan (22:09):

Yeah. It's the journey we're living. It's beautiful. And why waste it? Yeah. Yes. Why waste it? And I think I see that so often as people, it's frustrating in the sense that for me, and I don't want to be unkind to say this, that when people create these roadblocks that they can have everything they want in their life. And not everybody wants the same stuff, everybody's different. But to have these opportunities to create this journey of life that can be incredibly open and fresh and vibrant and engaging and compelling, and why not have that? And you've, what I love about what you're doing, you've offered a blueprint for people. If you just get engaged with me and the peers in your group and all that, we can work through that stuff. We can help you develop this blueprint to be a better or to enjoy a better life and to be more compelling in your life and all that stuff. So that's what I love about your program, and that's so unique about what you do. It's the discipline of doing it every day, which I think is really important. But actually you're working on, you're not working on, here's the primarily you work with real estate people, right? Thanks. Or dealing

Suzan Peltekian (23:26):

With thanks

Ken McLachlan (23:26):


Suzan Peltekian (23:26):

You young man. Yes.

Ken McLachlan (23:30):

But you're not training people how to be a better script provider. You're not training people how to do a better listing presentation. You know what? They can get that with all different sorts of great coaches out there. But you're training people, creating, you have created an environment to deal with the most important stuff in their career is their mindset and stuff that brings them down. I call it in our business, I call it getting under the covers. And I've seen it so many, and I've been guilty of it as well, that I'm so burnt out. I'm so depressed. So, oh, the mortgage rates, the market, Bob, whatever it is, stuff that's outside of me that I have no control of, I buy into and all of a sudden I'm just going to go in the bed for a while for three days and put the covers up and nobody can get me.


And that's going under the covers. And I've experienced that for 40 years of doing this business. But what you're dealing with, which is so important, is to help them not have that experience and get through that experience quicker. And that's why it's so valuable. That to me is more personally more valuable than having a script coach. Because if I'm more authentic with myself, I can be more authentic with people and I can have a conversation with people. It's not a script, it's a conversation. So that to me is why what you're doing is so impactful. And I love it. I'm talking more than I usually do because I'm so passionate about what you do. So bear with me. But I think that's really important, what you've done and what you're doing. And my experience is, is that everybody that's done been involved in your program, and there are many, okay, they've all come back to me and said, it's made a difference in my life. And that to me, if you can have people say to you, you've made a difference in my life, Suzan. Wow. That to me is amazing. Okay. So that's my acknowledgement to you. Okay. You've made a difference in people's lives and you continue to do so. I want to push you forward now to five years from now. Okay. So what's the vision? Where are you doing Suzan Peltekian at that time?

Suzan Peltekian (25:41):

The real passion, the real hunger is my legacy to leave this world a much better place than when I came in the eighties. It's really to touch the billions. I want to be in every household all over the globe to supercharge our world, our planet, to create a massive impact. And massive impact comes in different ways. Ken, just like you do with Hallmark giving and the food like to end world hunger through the work we do, because as I mentioned earlier, awareness is the only thing that is the difference between each and every individual. And once we have that awareness, it's my job now to keep bringing light to the next person and the next and the next. We don't know what that ripple effect will cause. So this is really my big childhood dream and my divine purpose and my vision. I don't know if it'll be

Ken McLachlan (26:37):

Done. You keep going back to the childhood. Yes. Yeah. The childhood dream. Yeah. I want you to, how old were you? You had this childhood dream.

Suzan Peltekian (26:44):

So I don't done a lot of work and I don't remember to be very honest. My much of my childhood, so I don't know exact age. I recall I was a teenager. My parents came back home from grocery shopping and they found me outside in the backyard talking to myself with a microphone, which was my hand. I didn't have a microphone. And I really was never talking to myself. I was talking to all of you precious souls, but it was much younger. I was much younger when I first had those, but I never believed. So I kept putting it aside. And it wasn't until our magical interaction where I had made one decision that I'm done because it just felt like I'm cheating on Susan. I'm cheating on myself. There's so much more to life. And that's when I stepped into her and the rest is history.

Ken McLachlan (27:37):

Wow, this is brilliant. I didn't know that. I mean, you sat, how old were you when you had that microphone in your hand?

Suzan Peltekian (27:42):

The microphone? I would've been a teenager, maybe 15 or 16, 17 at max. But I know I was much younger when this, I haven't wanted to do anything else. That's why I did a bunch of other things thinking that maybe it's something, again, you mentioned that the circumstance, I was, by the way, the biggest victim, like personality. Believe it or not, I was the biggest blame, lame game player. It was everybody. It wasn't Suzan. And it wasn't until I got that, wow. One of my mentors says that I'm the only problem, but I'm also the only solution and to take 100% responsibility for my life, that it's not the economy. You are the creator of your economy as I am for mine. And that there's nothing and no one out there that can do anything. I'm getting goosebumps can. It's me. Yeah. Then well, the buck then stops with me. And now it's my responsibility to bring this message to the world.

Ken McLachlan (28:41):

And that's what you do. And that's your vision for five years. I love it. I can buy into that right now. Thank you. It's beautiful. So we're near the end. We've

Suzan Peltekian (28:49):

Made it happen.

Ken McLachlan (28:50):

We're near the end. So is there anything that you want say about you and your program that you haven't in your life that you haven't said yet

Suzan Peltekian (28:58):

About my program? Extremely unique in that what you said, it's daily. From what I know, it's the only one in the world that does it daily, that they have the coach. And it's not that I've hired someone to be there on my behalf, but what I really want to say, whether it's me or whether it's someone else, my invitation to any precious soul that listens I, this is divinely, if you happen to stumble upon this exceptional podcast with Ken McLachlan, is to actually choose You. Say yes to you, say yes to life. Full out the world is our playground. Life is a game. And choose mentorship. And not one, two years, Ken. I would stick with a mentor because if we're truly limitless, which we are, then there's no limit to what we can achieve. And in five years we will have a meeting and I'll say, I want to create more.


And right now, that more isn't in view for me because I can't see my blind spot. That's why I have multiple mentors and efficient water doesn't know it's in water. And then they think they did some personal development. They stay in the pond with some more fish or a larger pond. It's get out of it and start flying. That's my message. And fall in love with yourself and fall in love with your life and know that you are number one of one. You are exquisite, you're exceptional, you're a masterpiece. And make every day a masterpiece. That's my message.

Ken McLachlan (30:20):

Wow. How do people get hold of you?

Suzan Peltekian (30:25):

Super charged with Suzan, super charged with Suzan. Suzan everywhere.

Ken McLachlan (30:29):

So Suzan is S U Z A N. Yes.

Suzan Peltekian (30:31):

Just to confuse people a little bit

Ken McLachlan (30:35):

We will have a link in our podcast to people to connect with you. Suzan, this has been incredible. I love being with you. I love the energy. And listen, your authentic, every time I talk to you is exactly the same as before. The energy, the commitment, the desire and the passion and the discipline. And you do it. You live it. I'm proud of you. Keep making a difference and keep growing. And everybody, I encourage you to connect with Suzan and her team. They do make a difference. They will help you grow and to deal with the mindset that's going on out there. And the stuff gets in your way. So couldn't encourage it more. You've been listening to really Life with me, Ken McLachlan. I'm blessed to talk to great people like Suzan in my life and to learn from them. And I encourage you to share this with others. I encourage you to like it. I encourage you to listen to our podcast and hopefully come back for the next one. Suzan, thank you, Doug, thank you for being who you are as producer, and we will see you next time.

Suzan Peltekian (31:42):

Doug, thank you. You're the best. Ken, your magical beyond words and measures. Thank you everyone. And please listen to Ken and join RE/MAX Hallmark the best period.

Ken McLachlan (31:53):

Thank you.

Suzan Peltekian (31:54):

Thank You.